Visualizing Continuous Health Usability Test Results Dataset

Posted on Jan 15, 2016 |

This post contains the dataset obtained from a series of usability tests on a software tool for visualizing continuous health status of a modeled patient.
The software is a dashboard for visualizing the health status of a modeled virtual patient improving the health condition over a coaching program.
The files are in machine-readable format saved as comma separated values.
The questionnaires applied were:

  1. After Scenario Questionnaire
  2. Computer System Usability Questionnaire
  3. Nielsen’s Heuristic Evaluation

The questionnaires were done using the web application by Gary Perlman available in the url:
Additionally, we conducted a series of tests giving consisting of tasks and instructions given to the participants.
The file laboratory.csv contains the tasks and their time to completion along with the errors occurred. The file tasks.csv contains the instructions with the identifier number of each task.
The tasks, software tool and research context is available in the article submitted to BMC Medical Informatics & Decision Making.
The experiment included three usability experts and eleven non-expert users.
The file asq.csv contains the answers to the three questions of the After Scenario Questionnaire.
The file csuq.csv contains the answers to the 19 questions of the Computer System Usability Questionnaire.
The file heuristics.csv contains the answers to the 10 questions of the Nielsen’s Heuristic Evaluation.
This datasets are available under the MIT license.
The datasets are available in the following link: continuous-health-usability-testing-results