Metallic and Ceramic Materials, 30 op

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Advanced Studies


Pasi Peura, Erkki Levänen, Petri Vuoristo


- - S/he will be able to work in the areas of manufacturing, processing, research and development and materials selection of metallic and ceramic materials.
- - After completing this module, the student is able to identify material parameters controlling the properties and usability of metallic and ceramic materials.
- - S/he have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of applicable techniques and analysing methods and their limitations for metallic and ceramic materials.
- - S/he understands the microstructures and the properties of metals and ceramics, and is able to estimate the suitability of different metallic and ceramic material in technical applications by critically assessing the information produced or supplied by the material¿s manufacturer.
- - S/he understands the role of material thermodynamics and kinetics in controlling the microstructure of metals and ceramics.

- - S/he will have competencies for lifelong learning, meet the prerequisites for pursuing a Doctoral degree and have ability to develop as an expert in metallic and ceramic materials.
- After graduation, the student will be able to collect and evaluate process and material data from various sources, and to produce critical reports (for decision-making) based on available or created information. S/he will have laboratory skills to select suitable scientific material characterization methods and tests for metals and ceramics. S/he will be able to work in material related projects either as team member or as project manager, and have ability to communicate clearly with all relevant stakeholders ranging from ordinary workers to experts from other disciplines.


Opintokokonaisuus Opintopisteet P/S
Materiaalitekniikka 25 op Mandatory
Materiaalitekniikka, aineopinnot valinnaisina opintoina 20 op Mandatory
Materiaalitekniikka, aineopinnot valinnaisina opintoina, LTT/ENG 20 op Mandatory


Opintokokonaisuus Opintopisteet
Mechanics of Materials 30 op


Pakolliset opintojaksot

Opintojakso Opintopisteet Vuosikurssi
MOL-12176 Laboratory Exercises in Materials Science 5 op IV  
MOL-22216 Phase Transformations and Heat Treatments of Metals 5 op IV  
MOL-22306 Metals Technology 5 op IV  
MOL-32327 Analysis of Materials Performance 5 op IV  
MOL-52026 Advanced Ceramics 5 op IV  
MOL-53247 Coatings and Surface Treatments 5 op V  
Yhteensä 30 op  


Primary responsible person: Pasi Peura

Päivittäjä: Lassila Jenni, 22.02.2019