Human-Technology Interaction, 50 op

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Advanced Studies


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- The student can apply different user interface styles and interaction techniques to different contexts of use and application domains, including mobile and ubiquitous computing.
- The student can apply the findings of multidisciplinary research from both academic and professional sources. The student has basic skills in the research of HTI.
- The student can design, implement and prototype interactive systems according to human-centered design principles and processes, taking into account the goals of good user experience.
- The student knows the central methods and principles of research in HTI, including the principles based on psychology.
- The student knows the central processes and methods of software engineering, and can apply user experience knowledge in software engineering processes.
- The student understands the main theories and practices related to human-technology interaction (HTI). The student can take into account the user needs and characteristics of user experience of interactive systems.


Pakolliset opintojaksot

Recommeded years of study are marked below from the MSc study phase point of view, i.e., 4 = 1st year of MSc study phase, 5 = 2nd year of MSc study phase. The compulsory course YHTTAY-40020 Usability Evaluation Methods is implemented at the city campus of Tampere University.

Opintojakso Opintopisteet Vuosikurssi
TIE-40107 Psychology in Human-Technology Interaction 5 op IV  
TIE-41206 Human-Centered Product Development 5 op IV  
TIE-41306 User Experience: Design and Evaluation 5 op V  
YHTTAY-40020 Usability Evaluation Methods 5 op IV  
Yhteensä 20 op  

Pakolliset vaihtoehtoiset opintojaksot

Must be selected at least 10 credits of courses

Opintojakso Opintopisteet Vaihtoehtoisuus Vuosikurssi
TIE-13106 Project Work on Pervasive Systems 5-10 op 1   V  
TIE-41106 User Interface Design 5 op 2   IV  
TST-01606 Demola Project Work 5-10 op 1   V  
YHTTAY-40066 Methods in Human-Centered Design 5 op 2   IV  

1. Valittava 1 opintojaksoa. TIE-13106 Project Work in Pervasive Systems and TST-01606 Demola Project Work are alternatives to each other.
2. Valittava 1 opintojaksoa. Select 1 courses, If TIE-41106 User Interface Design is not included in BSc studies, it must be included here. If it is included already in BSc, then student should take YHTTAY-40066 Methods in Human-Centered Design.

Täydentävät opintojaksot

Should be completed to the minimum study module extent of 50 ETCS

Opintojakso Opintopisteet
TIE-21107 Software Engineering Methodologies 5 op
TIE-40207 Cross-Cultural Design 5 op
TIE-40306 Gamification: A Walkthrough of How Games Are Shaping Our Lives 5 op
TIE-41506 User Experience in Robotics 5 op
YHTTAY-40010 Multimodal Interaction 5 op
YHTTAY-40040 Experimental Research in Human-Technology Interaction 5 op
YHTTAY-40050 Emotions and Sociality in Human-Technology Interaction 5 op
YHTTAY-40066 Methods in Human-Centered Design 5 op
YHTTAY-40080 Information Visualization 5 op
YHTTAY-40090 Interaction Techniques 5-10 op
YHTTAY-40206 Human-Technology Interaction Project Work 5-10 op
YHTTAY-40700 Principles of Programming Graphical User Interfaces 5-10 op

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