Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, 30 op

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Advanced Studies


Jonathan Massera, Soile Nymark, Oommen Podiyan Oommen, Minna Kellomäki


- - Students have developed a clear understanding on the principles of biomaterial science and are able to apply their knowledge to tissue engineering.
- Students have developed an integrated insight on the role of cells, biomaterials, biophysical and chemical signals and growth factors in tissue engineering.
- Students apraise ethical and legal considerations of tissue engineered-products, in a clinical context.
- Students can describe how the tissues and organs can be reconstructed with the help of tissue engineering.
- Students can separate and compare different tissue types and organ structures both in macroscopic and microscopic level.


Opintokokonaisuus Opintopisteet P/S
Biolääketieteen tekniikka 35 op Mandatory


Pakolliset opintojaksot

Opintojakso Opintopisteet Vuosikurssi
BMT-01907 Master's Seminar 1-2 op V  
BMT-62237 Introduction to Quality and Regulation for Medical Product Development 5 op IV  
BMT-62356 Product Development of Biomedical Devices 5 op V  
BMT-73206 Biodegradable Polymers 5 op IV  
BMT-73256 Biodegradable Polymers Laboratory Course 5 op V  
BMT-74206 Tissue Engineering Applications 5 op IV  
Yhteensä 26 op  

Pakolliset vaihtoehtoiset opintojaksot

Must be selected at least 5 credits of courses

Opintojakso Opintopisteet Vuosikurssi
BMT-73107 Bioceramics and their Clinical Applications 5 op IV  
BMT-73316 Nanomedicine and Advanced Drug Delivery Technologies 5 op IV  

Täydentävät opintojaksot

Limited number of students can attend YHTTAY-24697.

Should be completed to the minimum study module extent of 30 ETCS

Opintojakso Opintopisteet
BMT-53808 Methods in Single Cell Biology 5 op
BMT-63207 Bioelectronics 5 op
BMT-72106 Cellular Biophysics 5 op
BMT-7816 Biosensors 5 op
MOL-32228 Electron Microscopy 5 op
MOL-42166 Rheology 5 op
YHTTAY-24407 Tissue Biology 5 op
YHTTAY-24666 Cell Technology and Stem Cells 5 op
YHTTAY-24697 Stem Cells Laboratory 5 op

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