ELT-47246 Passive RF Circuits, 5 cr


Jari Kangas, Mikko Valkama


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ELT-47246 2019-01 3 Jari Kangas
This course is completed by collecting points homework assignments and either simulation or design project. 100% participation to any of these activities is not compulsory, but the final grade will be determined based on the amount of points collected from the learning activities. There is no final exam.


After passing the course, students know how to design, implement and characterize passive two-port and multi-port microwave transmission line components. They know how to summarize the relevant design details and performance data in a concise and cohesively composed technical report and how to communicate the relevant engineering concepts to others.


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1. Brief review on fundamentals of microwave circuit theory related especially to power efficiency indicators and analysis of transmission lines as impedance transformers. S-parameters. Z-parameters. Microstrip transmission line technology.     
2. Co-planar transmission line technology. Two-transmission lines method for the measurement of dielectric constant.   Measurement of characteristic impedance.   
3. Operation principles of passive microwave components: power dividers, hybrids, couplers, impedance tuners, filters,...  Some commonly used modifications to the basic configurations.  Trends in the current technology. 
4. Building and testing passive microwave components: power dividers, hybrids, couplers, impedance tuners, filters,...  Use of modern simulation software in analysis and design of passive microwave components.  Understanding the impact of uncertainties in implementation and practical limitations to the electromagnetic performance. 
5. Communications skills: composing a technical report and giving feedback to peers.     

Ohjeita opiskelijalle osaamisen tasojen saavuttamiseksi

Although homework submission are optional part of the course, any effort in working on them is expected to deepen the knowledge on the matters discussed in the contact teaching. It is also possible to pass the course by only submitting the homework solutions, but this can only yield the highest final grade of 3. Higher grades are attainable only by completing either a simulation or design project. Everyone in the course are required to participate in peer review of the project reports. There is no final exam in this course.


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Completion parts must belong to the same implementation


Tyyppi Nimi Tekijä ISBN URL Lisätiedot Tenttimateriaali
Book   Foundations for Microwave Engineering   Robert E. Collin       Ch. 5,6,8. Available in IEEE XPlore.   No   
Book   Microwave Engineering   David M. Pozar       Ch. 4,5,7,8   No   
Lecture slides           Available in Moodle.   Yes   
Other online content     Jari Kangas, Toni Björninen       Available in Moodle.   Yes   


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ELT-47206 Basics of RF Engineering Mandatory    
ELT-47426 Transmission Lines and Waveguides Advisable    

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If you have studied in another university, an equivalent course that includes knowledge of the basics of RF engineering.


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ELT-47246 Passive RF Circuits, 5 cr ELE-6156 Basics of RF Engineering II, 5 cr  

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