ELT-45406 Radar and Professional Radio Communication Systems, 5 cr


The course presents an overview of various radio systems other than the ordinary wireless networks that are meant for the general public, including applications in radar, sensing, law enforcement, forensics, military, and professional communications. Specific focus is on radar, sensing and electronic warfare, and the associated operating principles and signal processing methods in such systems. We also cover basics of professional radio communications, with applications e.g. in civillian authorities and military domain.
Suitable for postgraduate studies. Ei toteuteta lukuvuonna 2019-2020.


Mikko Valkama, Taneli Riihonen


Toteutuskerta Periodi Vastuuhenkilö Suoritusvaatimukset
ELT-45406 2019-01 - Taneli Riihonen
Mikko Valkama
There is a final exam in the end of the course that is the only compulsory part required to pass. Active participation in lectures and exercise sessions as well as completing a final project work will certainly facilitate passing the course and gain activity points that render earning higher grade easier. Doctoral students are required to complete some extra, more demanding, tasks (e.g., teaching one lecture in Spring 2019) in addition to what is required from M.Sc. students.


After passing this course, the students have good understanding on the potential, requirements, use cases and core enabling technologies of professional radio systems. Particular emphasis is on radar sensing and professional mobile communications while the students will also learn the basics of other radio systems that civil and military authorities from different fields need to master as their job. The course gives solid background for pursuing a career as an engineer or a researcher, who provides technical support for said officers or develops new professional radio technology.


Sisältö Ydinsisältö Täydentävä tietämys Erityistietämys
1. Radar systems: - operating principles of different most common radars and associated signal processing - air traffic control - vehicular radar - speed radar - surveillance radar - target identification and tracking - radar jamming and spoofing     
2. Professional wireless communications: - TETRA - GSM-R / LTE-R - proprietary systems - underwater communications     
3. Military radio systems: - tactical communications - signals intelligence - electronic warfare - HF communications     
4. Digital Forensics: - radar detectors and detector detectors - radio frequency jammers - transmitter fingerprinting - physical-layer authentication     
5. Technology for security and safety: - public safety networks - collision warning transponders - radio navigation systems - physical-layer security     


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ELT-41200 Langattoman tietoliikenteen perusteet Advisable   1
ELT-41206 Basic Course on Wireless Communications Advisable   1

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