TTA-62017 Technology and Innovation Management, 5 cr


Saku Mäkinen, Johanna Kirjavainen, Santeri Repo


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TTA-62017 2019-01 1 - 2 Johanna Kirjavainen
Deborah Kuperstein Blasco
Saku Mäkinen
The course is an online course, no traditional lectures are held and there is no final exam. To complete the course, the student is required to write a learning diary based on articles, online lectures and additional materials provided.
TTA-62017 2019-02 3 - 4 Johanna Kirjavainen
Saku Mäkinen
Exercises based on the materials provided in Moodle, peer reviews, an exam.


Student is able to identify and explain the influence of technology and its evolution on human activities and synthesize main evolutionary trajectories. Student is able to recognize and characterize effects of technology evolution, application and development of technologies.


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TTA-62017 Technology and Innovation Management, 5 cr TTA-62016 Technology and Innovation Management, 4 cr  

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