TTA-15216 Sales Work in Different Industries, 5 cr


The course is based on guest lectures, field project and exam (needed for higher grades). Students can select 10 guest lectures and 1 coaching event, based on their personal interest and schedule. To enable flexibility for students, two kick-off lectures will be arranged in the second week of Period 3, both with the same content.


Natalia Saukkonen, Jouni Lyly-Yrjänäinen


Toteutuskerta Periodi Vastuuhenkilö Suoritusvaatimukset
TTA-15216 2019-01 3 - 4 Jouni Lyly-Yrjänäinen
Natalia Saukkonen
-Participation in 10 guest lectures/company excursions and related learning diaries
-Participation in 1 HR coaching session and learning diary
-Project work with multi-cultural groups (a company project)
-Participation in the project wrap-up lecture and a learning diary
-Book exam required for grades 3-5


After the course, students are able identify drivers explaining the key characteristics of the sales processes in different industries/fields to build an understanding on the sales work in each context. In this course, the special emphasis is on how customer value is presented to the customers in order to differentiate the offering from the ones of the competitors and, possibly, argue higher price - a situation very common to most Finnish technology companies. Thus, after the course, students are able to assess customer perceived value, build innovative value propositions and use modern sales tools for delivering the message to the key decision makers. The course aims at helping students develop skills needed for export sales work. Thus, after the course students are also able to take into account cultural differences in terms of technology preferences and communication in sales communication and when planning value propositions. Finally, since sales processes and sales work in different industries vary, also the role of technical knowledge may be different. Therefore, after this course, students understand the role engineering knowledge plays in different industries and the technical expertise needed to work successfully in the customer interface, helping students to plan their major studies accordingly.


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TTA-15077 Managing Operative Sales Mandatory    


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