TTA-15146 Project Work in Industrial Management, 5-8 cr

Toteutuskerta TTA-15146 2019-01


Empirical work, often with an assignment (Group work, see also TRT-25006, Demola Project Work).

Depending on the scope, you may earn 5...8 credit points. The process follows the following steps:

Start: suggest the topic (in the area of IM) with short justification to the relevant professor of the field; sometimes also firms or research groups may propose project work topics (for supervisors, see the below list; also post-doc researchers may act as supervisors)
Planning: write the plan, including schedule (ca. 1-2 pages) and get acceptance from the supervisor
Execution: proceed according your plan and finish the work within 2...4 months
Reporting: depending the topic and other agreements, the report length is typically 15-30p

Contact person for all courses (general questions): Miia Martinsuo
Prof. Jussi Heikkilä: Production and operations management
Prof. Juho Kanniainen: Financial engineering
Prof. Miia Martinsuo: Management of projects and service business
Prof. Saku Mäkinen: Strategic technology and innovation management
Tuomas Ahola, Assistant prof.: Renewal of industrial operations in project networks
Leena Aarikka-Stenroos, Assoc. prof: Innovation ecosystems and entrepreneurship
Teemu J. Laine, Assoc. prof: Management accounting and performance management


Periodi 1 - 5
Vastuuhenkilö Miia Martinsuo, Santeri Repo, Lauri Vuorinen


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Completing an empirical group assignment, to be specified with the supervisor.

Lisätietoja toteutuksesta

Enroll directly to the professor of the field in which you select to do your assignment. Pop enrollment is not necessary.