DEE-34026 Power Electronic Applications for Power Quality, 5 cr


Suitable for postgraduate studies.


Jenni Rekola, Pertti Pakonen


Toteutuskerta Periodi Vastuuhenkilö Suoritusvaatimukset
DEE-34026 2019-01 4 Antti Hilden
Pertti Pakonen
Jenni Rekola
Pekka Verho
The course is completed by passing the final exam. The grade can be upgraded by means of the offered homeworks.


The number of nonlinear loads (e.g. computer devices and electric drives) increases due to increased use of power electronics. It is estimated, that approximately 70 % of all generated power is going though power electronic device nowadays and the percentage will increase to be 80 % after 20 years. The nonlinear loads cause power quality problems, e.g. voltage and current harmonics and unbalance. In addition, nonlinear loads do not work properly themselves if the power quality problems occur in the grid. Therefore, the power quality devices based on power electronic converters are created to solve these problems. The objective of the course is to provide an understanding of power quality problems and related standards. The students will achieve an understanding of passive and active power quality compensation. The students will learn how to choose the suitable compensation method to different applications. In addition, the students will learn how the FACTS devices are controlled.


Sisältö Ydinsisältö Täydentävä tietämys Erityistietämys
1. Definition of power quality and power quality problems Causes for poor power quality, nonlinear loads   Standards related to power quality    
2. Instantanous power theory: synchronous reference frame, positive, negative and zero sequence components, Fourier theory      
3. Passive reactive power compensation methods, passive shunt compensation  Passive series compensation in transmission grid   
4. FACTS devices: Active shunt compensation, SVC and STATCOM  4-wire STATCOM and ESTATCOM  Multilevel converters  
5. Shunt active filter   Hybrid and series active filters, uninterruptable power supply (UPS)  Combination of active filter and uninterruptable power supply (UPQ)  


Tyyppi Nimi Tekijä ISBN URL Lisätiedot Tenttimateriaali
Book   Instantaneous power theory and applications to power conditioning   Hirofumi Akagi, Edson Hirokazu Watanabe, Mauricio Aredes         No   
Book   Power quality problems and mitigation techniques   Bhim Singh, Abrish Chandra, Kamal Al-Haddad         No   
Lecture slides     Jenni Rekola         Yes   


Opintojakso P/S Selite
DEE-33116 Power Electronics Converters Mandatory    

Tietoa esitietovaatimuksista
The knowledge about the power converters and their modulation methods is required. The knowledge about control theory, especially the operation principle of PI-controller, is required.


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