DEE-33116 Power Electronics Converters, 5 cr


Tomi Roinila, Matias Berg


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DEE-33116 2019-02 2 Matias Berg
Tomi Roinila
The course can be completed by passing the final exam. The course grade can be upgraded by one by carrying out the offered homeworks.


The objective of the course is to give the basic knowledge on diode and thyristor-based rectifiers, switched-mode converters and active-switch-based rectifiers/inverters. The student can sketch the waveforms associated to the converters. The students can solve the voltage/current stresses for selecting the power-stage components. The students get the knowledge of basic control and modulation methods of the converters.


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1. The operation principle of diode. The operation of diode-based single and three-phase rectifiers.   The effect of diode rectifier to power quality.   Design of such converters 
2. The operation principle of thyristor.The operation of thyristor-based single and three-phase rectifiers  The effect of thyristor rectifier to power quality.   Design of such converters 
3. The operation principle of MOSFET. The non-isolated switched-mode power converter: buck and boost converter without parasitics in CCM.   The operation principle of buck-boost converter.   The operation principle of GaN MOSFETs. Design of such converters 
4. The operation principle of IGBT. Two-level single-phase half-bridge and full-bridge converters. Unipolar and bipolar sinusoidal PWM strategy.   The need of LC- or LCL-filter  The operation principle of SiC MOSFETs.  
5. Two-level three-phase converters. Sinusoidal PWM strategy.   Sinusoidal PWM with 3rd harmonic injection  Basic concepts of three-level neutral-point clamped converter (NPC) 
6. Six-step modulation method and space vector modulation method    Space vector modulaton of three-level neutral-point clamped converter (NPC) Natural /stationary/synchronous reference frames 


Tyyppi Nimi Tekijä ISBN URL Lisätiedot Tenttimateriaali
Book   Power Electronics - Converters, Applications, and Design   Mohan, Undeland, Robbins   0-471-42908-2     Chapters,6,7(section 7-7),8   Yes   
Other literature     J. Rekola and T. Suntio       Lecture notes   Yes   


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DEE-33116 Power Electronics Converters, 5 cr SET-6336 Power Electronics Converters, 5 cr  

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