RAK-13806 Water and Society, 5 cr


Water supply and sanitation is a key element in the development of urban societies in all parts of the world. During this "Water and Society - Virtual Course on Sustainable water supply in Long-Term Perspectives" (WASO) we will focus on long-term development on water supply systems (WSS).

The goal is to:
-Learn about and get an understanding of the role of WSS in the development of societies;
-Look at the history of WSS systems in different cultures in the pasts and presents; and
-Take cognisance of ways to contemplate WSS in multi- and interdisciplinary ways.

Course divides into six one-week sections.
Note that you have to do all assignments and tasks to pass this course.
In addition to the weekly assignments, everybody will have to write an essay (8-12 pages) on a subject from a given list.


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RAK-13806 2019-01 3 Riikka Rajala


Based on this course, student will be able to: -describe and report the role of water supply and sanitation (WSS) in development of societies; -describe the WSS and the effect off human activities on WSS in different cultures in a distant past, now and in the future; -name key development trends and development paths of the WSS; -describe the water use in societies; -report personal water use; -find the reliable and relevant information sources concerning WSS; -write an essay about WSS using multi- and interdisciplinary methods


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