ARK-05227 Experimental Architectural Design, 10 cr


Jenni Poutanen, Fernando Nieto Fernandez, Tapio Kaasalainen, Sofie Pelsmakers, Taru Lehtinen


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ARK-05227 2019-01 2 Tapio Kaasalainen
Taru Lehtinen
Fernando Nieto Fernandez
Sofie Pelsmakers
Jenni Poutanen
Completing the course requires approved assignment and participation in learning events marked as compulsory.


After completing the course student is able to: -develop, analyse and interpret an innovative and specialised design project, which includes and integrates both public building and housing functions -apply the current themes and societal challenges in one¿s own design work and to take up a (design) position related to these challenges -develop and deepen one¿s own design vision, concept and architectural thinking, critically positioning oneself in the architectural debate -critically unfold architectural design principles and theory, standards and requirements and users¿ expectations in one¿s own design project, comparing the relative merits of different options -explore, create and critically justify a new spatial vision for now and the future, responding to current societal and contextual challenges, through innovative public building and housing design solutions and in-depth approaches -evaluate, develop and communicate the project¿s artistic entities and spatial qualities and to critically identify and respond to the social, cultural, material, environmental and economic implications of architectural design in one¿s own project, including community and user- expectations as well as in-depth spatial, technical, structural and environmental responses -use and develop local context as a generator of design and architectural and spatial qualities, and to verbally and visually communicate this -demonstrate an innovative approach to design, including materials, technology and spatial qualities, and to reflectively and iteratively synthesise and consolidate the competing demands of public building and housing design requirements (and critically justify where compromises were made) -evaluate the principles of socially and ethically responsible architecture and sustainable development and apply them in own design work -explore, create and visually demonstrate the proposed spatial and architectural qualities and expression at the urban, landscape and site scale, and what it proposes to contribute to the public domain, the community, and to the quality of life of users


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1. Development of design and critical thinking skills related to current themes in society and architectural design.     
2. Management of detailed design planning for public building and housing design, through the synthesis in an architectural project according to the functional and spatial implications of hybrid typologies at the scale of the city, the building and the unit, be it private/domestic or public.     
3. Deepening a personal design vision, architectural thinking and positioning.     
4. Innovative architecture: a novel expression of building materials and technology, space arrangements and interior design and spatial qualities.     

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Completing the course requires submitting approved course assignments in time as well as participating in learning events marked as compulsory. The course evaluation is primarily based on the main design task. Specific additional evaluation criteria related to the current course topic can be specified in the course assignment brief.


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Completion parts must belong to the same implementation


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ARK-04126 Architectural Design V Mandatory    
ARK-04127 Architectural Design VI Mandatory    
ARK-05226 Innovative Strategies in Architectural Design Advisable    


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