ARK-04126 Architectural Design V, 10 cr


Tapio Kaasalainen, Sofie Pelsmakers, Taru Lehtinen


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ARK-04126 2019-01 2 Tapio Kaasalainen
Taru Lehtinen
Sofie Pelsmakers
Completing the course requires approved assignment and participation in learning events marked as compulsory.


After completing the course students is able to: -discuss, critically appraise and apply residential architectural design principles and theory in one¿s own design project -analyse, compare and critique different housing typologies and housing solutions, in support of experimental approaches to one¿s own design, able to create a new vision for living now and in the future -interpret the regulations, standards, background phenomena and local site context and understand their implications and dynamics for housing design, and to critically respond to these in a design project -investigate and critically and creatively respond to societal challenges relevant to housing design, and to synthesise and interpret users¿ expectations -develop and verbally and visually communicate a clear architectural design vision and position, and justify one¿s approach to the design and the immediate surrounding environment, and the spatial and architectural qualities at different scales -integrate architectural, urban and functional requirements of a housing design task, associated with the development of new housing solutions and typologies -evaluate the principles of socially and ethically responsible housing and sustainable development and apply them in their own design work -demonstrate artistic ability and iterative design processes and different modes of working and designing that is reflective, critical and iterative -explore, create and visually demonstrate the proposed spatial and architectural qualities and expression, and what it proposes to contribute to the public domain, the community, and to the quality of life of the residents


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1. Understanding housing as a response to societal challenges and learning to develop new solutions for housing with a specialized design approach.  Being able to develop new types of housing and new housing typologies.  Being able to form an innovative approach to housing design based on analysing a specific societal challenge as a starting point. 
2. Being able to complete a design assignment which responds to these societal challenges and creates a new vision for living now and in the future, while also ensuring that the design responds to current housing design standards and regulations for dimensioning, furnishing, accessibility etc. in a practical design task.  Considering and matching the structures and technical systems of the design to the overall spatial plan.   
3. Creatively resolving architectural, spatial, functional and urban planning of a design assignment.  Anticipating future societal challenges not explicitly given as part of a design task and considering them in one¿s design.   
4. Exploring the spatial and artistic qualities and architectural expression of `every day¿ architecture.     
5. Developing one¿s personal design vision and ability to justify and communicate this verbally and visually.     

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Completing the course requires submitting approved course assignments in time as well as participating in learning events marked as compulsory. The course evaluation is primarily based on the main design task. Specific additional evaluation criteria related to the current course topic can be specified in the course assignment brief.


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Completion parts must belong to the same implementation


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ARK-03121 Rakennussuunnittelu IV Advisable   1

1 . ARK-33200 Asuntosuunnittelu 1

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The prerequisite course covers the fundamentals of urban housing design. Completion of the prerequisite course requires, among other things, designing a block of flats that is architecturally, spatially, functionally and structurally high quality. The teaching as well as grading on this course (Architectural Design V) expects students to have skills equal to having successfully completed the prerequisite course, whether they have completed it or not.


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