TIE-02306 Introduction to Software Engineering, 5 cr


Kari Systä, Valentina Lenarduzzi


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TIE-02306 2019-01 1 - 2 Tero Ahtee
Valentina Lenarduzzi
Lectures, weekly exercises, exercise work, exam.


After the course student understands how different types of software is developed in a professional way and what kind of knowledge and skills it requires. The ultimate goal is efficient participation in software projects in various stakeholder roles, for instance as an expert or customer.


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1. Properties of different types of software, embedded, productised/tailored, service-based - especially from the customer point of view.  Specific development and process implications of different projects.   
2. Requirements definition and customer-vendor communication. Participation in creation of the requirement documentation with the vendor. Paradigms and notations used in requirements (e.g. the most common UML notations). Non-technical uses like user experience and IPR.  Creation of the requirement document in collaboration with vendor.   Independent responsibility of the requirements. 
3. Principles of SW life-cycle models - especially from stake-holder point of view.  Can as a customer adopt to chosen life-cycle model and has competence to request suitable model.  Can, as customer, require reasonable plans and reports and track the project in a reliable way. 
4. Know that different phases of SW development and the customer role In each.     

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Assessment is based on exam, assignment and weekly exercise Assigment is compsory.


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Completion parts must belong to the same implementation


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Book   Software Engineering (10th Edition)   Ian Sommervillw   ISBN-10: 0133943038     This is the most famous Sw Eng book. Also the 9th edition is OK. Also many other good Sw Eng books exist.   Yes   


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TIE-02101 Ohjelmointi 1: Johdanto Advisable    


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TIE-02306 Introduction to Software Engineering, 5 cr TIE-02301 Introduction to Software Engineering, 5 cr  

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