TUT-20017 International Tutoring, 2 cr


The course is intended for Tampere University students acting as tutors for new international students. An international tutor is a peer instructor for a new student and helps the new student to integrate to the new culture, the student community and studies. Tutoring is at its most active during the first weeks of the semester but may continue for the whole academic year.
International tutoring consists of:
- attending tutor trainings
- working as a peer tutor for new international students
- responding to feedback surveys and evaluating one's own work as an international tutor.

The course and its implementation can be used for planning studies in the PSP and for registering credits. The course is only intended for degree students
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Terhi Kipinä


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TUT-20017 2019-01 - Terhi Kipinä


After completing the course, the student is familiar with the services available to an international student and the administrative matters which a new international student needs to take care of. S/he is familiar with leading a small group, working as part of a network, intercultural communication and encountering students with different backgrounds. An international tutor also understands the importance of peer support and his/her role in helping new students integrate in the academic community. After acting as an international tutor, the student is able to manage a small group, work in a multicultural group and has skills in project management.


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TUT-20017 International Tutoring, 2 cr TUT-20016 International Tutoring, 0-1 cr  

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