TST-01908 Master's Seminar, 0 cr


Hannu-Matti Järvinen, Kirsi Nousiainen, Joni Kämäräinen, Erja Sipilä


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TST-01908 2019-01 1 - 5 Kirsi Nousiainen
Erja Sipilä
Viisi läsnäoloa seminaareissa (kolmessa kuuntelijana), oma aloitusesitys ja oma loppuesitys. Lisäksi hyväksytty diplomityövaiheen tiedonhankintakoulutus, ja muut mahdolliset vaadittavat osasuoritukset.
TST-01908 2019-02 1 - 4 Hannu-Matti Järvinen
Joni Kämäräinen


After the seminar the student can take care of the searching process of master's thesis project, the selection of the topic, the determination of the scope of the work, communication with the supervisors, the writing of the thesis and the related administrative procedures. The student remembers many proven good practices relating to the writing process. Having passed the course the student can prepare a presentation about his/her own work to a group of peers and he/she can achieve the given time frame in the seminar presentation. The student can choose the complexity level of the presentation according to the target audience. The student practises using modern presentation techniques equipment and knows how to take care of the practical presentation arrangements.


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1. Learning the process of preparing a master's thesis. Understanding the scope of the thesis.  Good practices of the writing process and the arrangements relating to the master's thesis.  Familiarization of a number of other master's theses in the same major subject area as the student. The theses often discuss the state-of-the-art technology of their field. 
2. Presentation skills to a group of peers.   Informing fellow students about recent technological developments relating to the student's thesis.   The use and arrangement of presentation tools. 


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TST-01908 Master's Seminar, 0 cr TST-01907 Master's Seminar, 1 cr  

Päivittäjä: Viitala Anna-Mari, 22.02.2019