TTI-55007 Demola Project Works, 5 cr


Demola is a platform to effectively experiment and test new ideas, but also to validate and solve problems. Demola project offers you the possibility to work in a multidisciplinary, talented team in fully facilitated innovation environment consisting of university students, researchers and various companies. You will be working with your team, which consists of 4-6 university students and project partner, in a 2-month -long co-creation process and participate in problem validation, concept development, demo building and end-user validation

Projects lasts one study period and enrollment for the projects takes place via In the application form please remember to define your study program.

* You sign in separately to the course ( and to Demola (
* You need to apply and be selected to a Demola project (
* International students: Also check that you can include this course in your studies so that you get the credits


Mikko Vanhatalo, Juha Nykänen, Matti Vilkko, Jari Seppälä, Petteri Multanen


Toteutuskerta Periodi Vastuuhenkilö Suoritusvaatimukset
TTI-55007 2019-01 1 - 5 Petteri Multanen
Juha Nykänen
Mikko Vanhatalo
Matti Vilkko
Forms of evaluation are personal reflection report, reflection discussion with responsible teachers, active participation and taking responsibility in multidisciplinary teamwork, taking part in facilitated events and working with other teams are required.

Students will be evaluated based on their expertise development.


-Set complex problems and understand value chains in different solutions -Utilise multidisciplinary team expertise in solving complex problems -Utilise creative and strategic thinking -Work in stakeholder interfaces creating user-driven solutions -Utilise Design Thinking approach -Take overall responsibility on execution of a co-creation project -Form value propositions -Understand the meaning of tangible demos as a tool for customer validation


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TTI-55007 Demola Project Works, 5 cr TTI-55006 Demola Project Works, 5-10 cr  

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