MOL-22306 Metals Technology, 5 cr


Pasi Peura


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MOL-22306 2019-01 3 - 4 Pasi Peura
Exam, passing the compulsory exercises (accepted reports)


After passing this course the student will know basics of crystal plasticity theory and its applications for metals formability. The student will understand how deformation mechanisms of metals influence the material behavior, plasticity, and fracture of metals at different strain rates and temperatures. The student understands how metal plasticity can be mathematically modelled using commonly used plasticity models. The student also understands the theoretical background of the models, and how the models are related to the deformation mechanisms. The student understands the benefits and limitations of the commonly used plasticity models Students will be familiar with the most common construction metals, their structure and properties as well as the factor affecting their use. They can also apply material knowledge and understand behavior of metals in in different areas of applications. He/She understand how formability is tested in practice and how to evaluate corrosion resistance of stainless steels.


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1. Crystal plasticity theory and applications for metals. Deformation mechanisms of metals at different strain rates and temperatures, and how the mechanisms affect plasticity and fracture of the metal.  Effects of adiabatic heating. High strain rate testing. Materials modeling.   
2. The basic properties of the most common metals and their metallurgical background  The material properties behind sheet metal formability   
3. Dieerence between steel grades and the effect on properties  Testing formability of sheet metals   
4. Classification of aluminium alloys  Difference in forming behaviour between steels and aluminiums   
5. Classification of steinless steels and their selection for typical applications      


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MOL-22216 Phase Transformations and Heat Treatments of Metals Advisable    


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Päivittäjä: Peura Pasi, 11.12.2019