KIE-39006 Research Presentation, 1-3 cr


Suitable for postgraduate studies.


Heidi Jauni, Adrian Benfield


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KIE-39006 2019-01 2 Adrian Benfield
Participation in a conference presentation rehearsal and a subsequent feedback session. Usually the course will also require the writing of a conference abstract.
KIE-39006 2019-02 4 Adrian Benfield
KIE-39006 2019-03 5 Adrian Benfield
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This flexible course is intended to offer participants a chance to improve and refine their academic presentation skills, with a focus on organisation, slide design, signposting language, and addressing audience questions. Depending on the implementation, this course may also contain instruction on design of a conference abstract or conference poster, including the structure and design of these genres. The implementation of this course is flexible. It may be offered as a stand alone course, or integrated into a seminar, for example.


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1. Participants will be able to design a presentation which has a clear aim, central organising principle, and a satisfactory introduction and conclusion.  Participants will be able to vary the organisation according to the aim and audience, choosing from, for example, problem-solution, topical, chronological, and spatial structures.   
2. Participants will be able to employ language to help guide the audience through the presentation, i.e. signposting.  Participants will be able to use language and voice to emphasize key points and make links between ideas.   
3. Participants will be able to design slides which are clear and support the content of the presentation.  Participants will be able to present their ideas in mainly pictorial form, using an assertion-evidence model of slide design.   
4. If this is included in the implementation, participants will be able to produce a well structured and titled abstract or poster which attracts audience attention.     

Ohjeita opiskelijalle osaamisen tasojen saavuttamiseksi

This course will be evaluated on a pass-fail basis. A pass requires completion of assigned presentation tasks.


Evaluation scale passed/failed will be used on the course


Completion parts must belong to the same implementation


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Päivittäjä: Lewis Sarina, 17.06.2019