KIE-34606 International Negotiations, 4 cr


This is an English language and communication course.

The focus is on spoken communication skills in English and activating these by undertaking negotiations.

Students are expected to be active throughout the course, both independently and with peers, in and outside of lessons, in order to develop their language and communication skills as much as possible within the time allocated, bearing in mind that this is a 4 credit course (=108 hours).

Students that require this course, either because it is a compulsory element of their programme or because they are doing the Language's Minor, will be given priority.
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Sarina Lewis, Galyna Dubova


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KIE-34606 2019-01 - Galyna Dubova
Sarina Lewis
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The student will develop the language and skills for negotiating in English in international contexts. Learning will be by 'doing'.


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1. Negotiating: language and skill development. Participation in individual and team negotiation role-plays and simulations.     
2. Development of vocabulary and phrases specific to negotiating. Development of spontaneity and fluency in a negotiating scenario.   Small talk strategies.    
3. Intercultural communication: an introduction to some of the important aspects in relation to doing business and negotiating with people from different cultures.     
4. Non-verbal communication: posture and body language.Communication differences between cultures.     

Ohjeita opiskelijalle osaamisen tasojen saavuttamiseksi

Learning will be assessed by the student, their peers, and the teacher. Assessment will take into account the following: - attendance; - participation and interaction with peers (in and outside of the classroom); - language and communication skills demonstrated via simulated negotiations; - shared reflections on learning (in class and via social media, e.g. a Blog); and - research on an aspect of intercultural negotiating (undertaken in teams and shared with peers). NB There will not be an end of course written exam or test. Learning and assessment of learning will take place during the course.


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)

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Spoken Communication in English or equivalent.


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KIE-34606 International Negotiations, 4 cr KIE-3386 International Negotiations, 4 cr  

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