KIE-34207 Business English, 3-5 cr

Toteutuskerta KIE-34207 2019-02


Periodi 3 - 4
Vastuuhenkilö Mia O¿Neill


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


80% attendance, completion of set speaking tasks, completion of set writing tasks, final assignment.


Industrial Engineering and Management/Business and Technology

Lisätietoja toteutuksesta

This course is primarily for students of MSc Degree Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management / Business and Technology.
When a course is over-subscribed, i.e. there are more sign-ups than places on the course, then we enrol the required number of students according to the sign-up time and target group. Students on the sign-up / waiting list have to be present on the first day of the course to be sure of retaining their place.

NB! The learning events during 13.1.-15.2. will be held online and/or Moodle assignments are given. For the rest of the course (17.2.-6.4.) participation is mandatory (80%).