KIE-34157 Thesis Writing in English, 2-3 cr


This course is only available to students writing their Master's thesis in English, or for students on the International Bachelor's programme.

Each group is exclusively for students in specifically mentioned degree programs with a requirement to take Thesis Writing.

You must have a topic for your thesis and be ready to start writing it in order to participate in this course; i.e. you learn as you write.

If you wish to prepare your academic writing skills in advance of starting to write your thesis, then you need to sign up for the course KIE-34107 Academic Writing in English.
The course is only intended for degree students


Sarina Lewis, Sari Isokääntä


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KIE-34157 2019-01 1 - 2 Mia O'Neill
KIE-34157 2019-03 1 - 4 Hasmik Minasyan
KIE-34157 2019-02 2 - 4 Darrell Wilkinson
KIE-34157 2019-04 3 - 4 Sari Isokääntä
Mia O'Neill


The aim of this course is to support you whilst you write a thesis. At the end of the course you will will be able to: - apply the institutional and departmental guidelines for writing a thesis - paraphrase and/or summarize as appropriate - be able to cite appropriate sources in your thesis - organise sections of your thesis according to the conventions of your field, especially the introduction and abstract - adopt an appropriate academic writing style - apply some principles for writing reader-friendly text in English NB This course contains many of the same elements of KIE-34107 but is targeted directly at the thesis rather than general academic essay writing.


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1. Referencing and citation according to the format and recommendations of the department, i.e. use of secondary sources, particularly paraphrasing, summarizing, and citing effectively, as well as avoiding plagiarism.      
2. Effective organization of sections of the thesis, particularly the title, abstract, introduction, and theoretical background, with an awareness of field-specific conventions.     
3. Construction of formal, clear English in a readable style at the sentence level. Raising awareness of consistent idiosyncratic weaknesses in grammar or vocabulary that may impede writing if not addressed.     
4. Creating of coherent and cohesive paragraphs.     
5. Effective use of punctuation.     


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KIE-34157 Thesis Writing in English, 2-3 cr KIE-34156 Thesis Writing, 3 cr  

Päivittäjä: Lewis Sarina, 17.06.2019