FYS-1377 Statistical Physics, 5 cr


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Lasse Laurson, Jouko Nieminen


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FYS-1377 2019-01 - Lasse Laurson
Jouko Nieminen
The total mark is determined by the pre-class assignments, activity in exercise classes and the final exam.


After completing the course, the student is able to construct the connection between fundamental laws of physics governing the microstate of a system and the thermodynamical quantities and laws describing the macroscopic world and practically infinite systems. In addition to conceptual understanding, the student can mathematically deal with classical and quantum mechanical problems at the macroscopic limit. Furthermore she/he can solve simple problems in statistical physics and interpret the results.


Sisältö Ydinsisältö Täydentävä tietämys Erityistietämys
1. Boltzmann distribution and partition function.  Ideal gas and equipartition theorem.   
2. Gibbs distribution and chemical potential.  Black body radiation, lattice vibrations.   
3. Real gases, phase transitions.     
4. Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac distributions.     


Tyyppi Nimi Tekijä ISBN URL Lisätiedot Tenttimateriaali
Book   Concepts in Thermal Physics   Stephen J. Blundell and Katherine M. Blundell         Yes   


Opintojakso P/S Selite
FYS-1346 Thermal Physics Advisable    


Opintojakso Vastaa opintojaksoa  Selite 
FYS-1377 Statistical Physics, 5 cr FYS-1370 Statistical Physics, 3 cr +
FYS-1376 Statistical Physics, 3 cr

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