ELT-21306 Microcontrollers, 5 cr


Jukka Vanhala


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ELT-21306 2019-01 3 - 4 Jukka Vanhala
Laboratory project and exam.


After the course the student knows the common blocks and of a micro controller and explain their operation. He is able to explain the structure of the IO-interfaces and how to conect external devices such as AD- and DA-converters, displays, push buttons and different sensors. The student knows the common communication protocols. The student knows how to write code for a micro controller with C and assembly. After passing the project assignment, the student is able to build and program a small embedded system based on a micro controller.


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1. The internal structure of a micro controller. The core and instruction execution. Common functional blocks, their operation and use. IO-interfaces and connecting external periferals.     
2. Periferals. AD- and DA-converters. User interface elements.     
3. Measurements and control. Common sensors. PWM-control. Control algorithms (P, PI, PID).     
4. Programming embedded systems. General program structure. C and assembly languages. Low level programming. Memory usage. Interrupts. Compilation, simulation and downloading.      

Ohjeita opiskelijalle osaamisen tasojen saavuttamiseksi

Doing the laboratory project is the most important learning method on the course. Attending the lectures and exercises will make the project work easier.


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Tyyppi Nimi Tekijä ISBN URL Lisätiedot Tenttimateriaali
Book   Programming and Customizing the AVR Microcontroller   Dhananjay Gadre   ISBN-13: 978-0071346665     The book is already an old one, but it contains the basic things in an easily readable form.   No   
Lecture slides     Jukka Vanhala       Lectures slides will contain all information that will be required for passing the course. The book and other material are supporting reading.   Yes   
Other online content           Data sheets of components are available on the manufacturers' internet pages. Also in the Internet there is good material on practical application of components which will be referred on lectures.   No   

Tietoa esitietovaatimuksista
A student should have basic skils in either (or both) programming or electronics.


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ELT-21306 Microcontrollers, 5 cr ELT-21300 Microcontrollers, 5 cr  

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