TIE-05216 Introduction to Embedded Systems, 5 cr


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TIE-05216 2019-01 3 - 4 Matti Haavisto
Exam, (weekly)assignments, project work.


Student knows simple arithmetic operations with binary numbers and can identify the corresponding digital components. Can design a combinational gate network from a description. Can design a state diagram of the state machine from a description. Can explain how the processor's CPU and memory operate together to execute a program. Can implement and test simple hardware-based C-language programs utilizing software development and debugger tools. Can explain the functionality and limitations of basic computer arithmetic.


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1. Binariary arithmetic: Two's complementary numbers, addition / subtraction, overflow, multiplication, and shifts.     
2. Combinational logic design: logic gates, truth tables, Boolean algebra.     
3. Designing sequential logic: concept and structure of a state machine, D-flip, state transition diagram.     
4. Characteristics of digital circuits: unit delay.  Transistor as a switch. CMOS logic.   
5. Computer components: registers, PC, SP, flags, ALU. Program fetch and execution. Machine language. Memory.  Dynamic and static memory   
6. C-language program.     
7. Subroutines and functions. Stack. Pass of parameters.     


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