BMT-73316 Nanomedicine and Advanced Drug Delivery Technologies, 5 cr


The course will not be lectured during academic year 2019-2020. It will be lectured next time in periods 1-2 in 2020. Please contact the teacher if any questions.
Suitable for postgraduate studies. Ei toteuteta lukuvuonna 2019-2020.


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BMT-73316 2019-01 - Oommen Podiyan Oommen
The course is interdisciplinary and contains topics on material science and biology. The student should have the basic background in cell biology or biotechnology.


Student can explain the key points of controlled drug delivery and the factors affecting the rate of drug delivery. Student can classify different drug delivery systems and explain the theories behind them. Student can compare different applications of each delivery system. Student can describe the drug release characterization methods and explain different manufacturing methods. Student can design an improvement for existing drug delivery device and justify its improvements as well as analyze its future views in the field of drug delivery devices.


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1. Benefits of controlled drug delivery. The factors affecting the rate of drug delivery.  Drug delivery kinetics.  Nanoparticle characterization methods and drug release rates 
2. Designing organic and inorganic nanomaterials for drug and gene delivery applications.   Pros and cons of each drug delivery method and their clinical applications. Challenges in design and the biological barriers  Principles of material design and formulation 
3. Learn state-of-the-art developments in gene therapy, RNA interference, viral and non-viral vectors, immunotherapy, cell based therapy  Understand how human physiology respond to these therapies. New biotechnological advances in treating inherited and acquired human diseases  Multidisciplinary knowledge in gene and cell based therapies 
4. Research and the future of drug delivery devices. Ethical and regulatory issues  Evaluation and analyzing the new drug delivery applications.  Research based learning with key emphasis on understanding recently approved biomedical inventions  

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The final grade of the course is determined based on the assessment of all part of the course. The weighting factor of each part is given at the beginning of the course. The key elements involve weekly lectures, group presentation (two students per group) and homework involving critical evaluation of one research article. Grades 1-2: Learning outcomes have been achieved. Satisfactory command in core content of the course. Grades 3-4: Some learning outcomes have been exceeded qualitatively or quantitatively. Good command in core content and complementary knowledge of the course. Good or very good marks from all parts of the course. Grade 5: Most of the learning outcomes have been exceeded. Deep command in the whole content of the course. Almost maximum performance in all parts of the course.


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Completion parts must belong to the same implementation


Opintojakso P/S Selite
BMT-61227 Medical Biomaterials Mandatory    
BMT-73107 Bioceramics and their Clinical Applications Advisable    
BMT-73206 Biodegradable Polymers Advisable    


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BMT-73316 Nanomedicine and Advanced Drug Delivery Technologies, 5 cr BMT-73306 Drug Delivery Devices, 4 cr  

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