BMT-63207 Bioelectronics, 5 cr


Suitable for postgraduate studies.


Jari Hyttinen


Students can understand the concept of bioelectronics; connection of electronics to biological tissues and cells. Students can describe the bioelectronic systems containing sensors, actuators, and interconnection in especially in-vitro and implantable applications for neuronal and other biological control systems. Students can describe the design (innovation) process and principles for neuromuscular and other implantable devices and in-vitro electronics for electric control of muscles in-vivo or neural networks in cell culture Students can works as a multidiciplinary team for development of medical devices


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1. Interactions between the electronics and cells and tissue. Neuromuscular cell/system stimulation and modelling.  Cell physiology and functions, bioelectric/ biomaterial/cell interactions.  Modelling of cells and tissues for implant/tissue interactions. 
2. Wireless energy and data transfer for implantable systems.  Electromagnetic waves and RFID systems.  Power dissipation in tissues, safety and standards. 
3. Implantable sensors and actuators.  Sensor systems and sensor design, MEMS systems.  Interactions of various sensors and cells/tissues. 
4. Clinical applications of implantable systems.   Physiology and anatomy of neuromuscular systems.  Neuromuscular applications, novel ear and eye implants.  
5. Interconnection for in vitro neuronal networks and tissue engineered structures: stimulation and measurements s,electrodes and electric stimulation.  Biolectricity and its theory, cellular systems, cell membrane ion pumps and channels.  Stimulus electrode characteristics,characteristics of cells and their membrane properties and their relation to stimulus systems.  

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The final grade of the course is determined based on the assessment of all part of the course. The weighting factor of each part is given at the beginning of the course. Grades 1-2: Learning outcomes have been achieved with minimal insufficiency. Satisfactory command in core content of the course. Grades 3-4: Some learning outcomes have been exceeded qualitatively or quantitatively. Good command in core content and complementary knowledge of course content. Good or very good marks from all parts of the course. Grade 5: Most of the learning outcomes have been exceeded. Deep command in the whole content of the course. Almost maximum performance in all parts of the course.


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Completion parts must belong to the same implementation


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BMT-63306 Modelling of Physiological Systems Advisable    
BMT-72106 Cellular Biophysics Advisable    


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BMT-63207 Bioelectronics, 5 cr BMT-63206 Bioelectronics, 4 cr  

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