BMT-62266 Diagnostic X-ray Imaging Techniques, 5 cr


Hannu Eskola, Juha Nousiainen


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BMT-62266 2019-01 1 Hannu Eskola
Accepted project work and final exam.


The student can describe the principle of an X-ray tube and the processing of the X-ray beam. He/she can analyze the energy spectrum of the beam. The student understands the different interaction mechanisms of the beam in the tissue and in the detector materials. He/she can explain the special requirements of different X-ray imaging modes.The student can demonstrate the different reconstruction algorithms of computed tomography. He/she can in principle test the image quality of an X.ray imaging device.


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1. Basics of radiation physics     
2. Systems approach to medical imaging. Image quality parameters. Image formation based on interactions of imaging energy and tissue in a planar and tomographic imaging.     
3. Methods and devices of x-ray imaging.     
4. Principles of computed tomography     


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BMT-62266 Diagnostic X-ray Imaging Techniques, 5 cr BMT-64256 Medical Ionizing Imaging Methods, 5 cr  

Päivittäjä: Nousiainen Juha, 12.11.2019