ARK-05246 Sustainable Architecture, 5 cr


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Tapio Kaasalainen, Sofie Pelsmakers, Taru Lehtinen


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ARK-05246 2019-01 - Tapio Kaasalainen
Taru Lehtinen
Sofie Pelsmakers
Completing the course requires submitting approved course assignments in time as well as participating in learning events marked as compulsory.


After completing the course, students is able to: -critically identify and analyse sustainability aspects in architectural design, with focus on a specific given sustainability topic -analyse and apply specific principles and solutions within sustainable architectural design, and to understand the impact of sustainable solutions on environment and community and on human needs and well-being -develop, compare and critically evaluate the application of alternative and innovative sustainable solutions, and to formulate a critical written response -critically evaluate alternative sustainability strategies, illustrating and justifying the impact of design decisions on the spatial and aesthetic qualities of the design, and where compromises were made -critically analyse and evaluate current evidence, using this knowledge to propose new innovative solutions, evaluating the relative merits and disbenefits. -self-critically position themselves in relation to the aesthetic, spatial, technical, human and other implications of the sustainability solutions, through writing a coherent and evidence-based argument, justifying the solutions chosen -work independently to critically compare and construct different solutions and innovations in a critical written argument, and communicate thought- and decision-making processes effectively and transparently -learn to conduct sustainable housing design research, and use this to construct one¿s own argument and position, responding to current (and future anticipated) societal, environmental and climatic challenges


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1. Development of evidence-based and critical analysis and evaluation skills related to sustainable architectural design.     
2. Being able to position oneself in relation to aesthetic, spatial, technical, human and other implications of different sustainability solutions.     
3. Developing knowledge and evidence-based arguments related to current sustainability themes and challenges.     

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The course evaluation is primarily based on a critical written analysis and evaluation report, conducted through the lens of a specific sustainability topic set each year by tutors. The report can be submitted in Finnish or English. Additional evaluation criteria can be specified in the course assignment brief.


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Completion parts must belong to the same implementation


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