Study modules

A study module may include compulsory and/or elective courses. The content of study modules is determined based on the expected learning outcomes. Students may be required to meet prerequisite knowledge requirements before registering for a study module.

Complementary Studies

Students admitted to a Masterís degree programme may be required to complement their earlier degree. All students with a Finnish University of Applied Sciences (AMK) degree are required to complete a study package which generally includes courses in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry depending on the student's background.

Intermediate Studies

In the Bachelorís programme, students choose their major subject during their studies. The major subject module is a 30 credit intermediate study module. The Bachelorís thesis is written on the field of the major subject. In addition, students choose another 30 credit intermediate study module and a 20 credit intermediate study module as their minor subjects.

Students studying towards a Masterís degree select an intermediate study module as their minor subject from among the alternatives offered in their degree programmes.

Advanced studies

In the Masterís programmes, students are admitted to a major subject. The major subject is an advanced study module typically of 30 or 50 credits. The Master's thesis is written on the field of the major.

Updated by: Kunnari Jaana, 4.4.2016