ELT-49006 Advanced Topics in Wireless Communications, 3-6 cr

Additional information

This course is organized somewhat irregularly, whenever a new topic of particular interest emerges.
Suitable for postgraduate studies.

Person responsible

Mikko Valkama, Markku Renfors


Implementation Period Person responsible Requirements
ELT-49006 2019-01 1 - 4 Mikko Valkama
Will be defined seprately for each implementation.

Learning Outcomes

The course is focused on a selected research topic that is of high importance in current system/standard/theoretical developments.

Instructions for students on how to achieve the learning outcomes

The criteria will be defined separately for each implementation round.

Assessment scale:

Evaluation scale passed/failed will be used on the course

Partial passing:

Completion parts must belong to the same implementation

Additional information about prerequisites
Prerequisites depend on the actual content of each implementation round.

Correspondence of content

Course Corresponds course  Description 
ELT-49006 Advanced Topics in Wireless Communications, 3-6 cr TLT-9706 Advanced Topics in Telecommunications, 3-6 cr  

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