ELT-43008 Digital Communication, 5 cr

Implementation ELT-43008 2019-01


This course focuses on the digital information transmission and signal processing techniques utilized in all widely-used and emerging digital communication systems, such as mobile cellular networks, WLAN/WiFi networks, digital TV, ADSL/VDSL and satellite communications. These techniques include error control coding, digital modulation, filtering, channel equalization, and demodulation/detection.


Period 3 - 4
Methods of instruction Tentti
Person responsible Mikko Valkama

Assessment scale

Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Mandatory requirements: Exam or two midterm exams and Matlab project. It is also possible to pass the course (with grade 1) without taking the exam, by actively attending the learning events and completing the project work.

The assessment is primarily based on the exam (or two partial exams) which, together with the quality of the project work, are targeted to measuring the knowledge gained in the core contents. Also active participation in learning sessions has a positive effect on the grading. Grade 3 can be reached by showing good command of the core contents. Fluent/profound understanding of core contents, along with elements of complementary knowledge, are required for grades 4 and 5. With minor gaps in the core knowledge, grades 2 and 1 are possible. With significant gaps in the core knowledge or insufficient project work, the student is not able to pass the course.

Exam Tue 05.05.2020 09:00 - 12:00

Study material

Type Name Author ISBN Additional information Language Examination material
Book Digital Communication (J.R. Barry,) E. A . Lee and D. G. Messerschmitt 1.-3. Editions, Kluwer Academic Publishers Suomi No
Summary of lectures Digital Communication Mikko Valkama, Markku Renfors Comprehensive lecture notes of the course contents English Yes