TIE-23526 Web Architectures, 5 cr

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An advanced course on web technologies and system architectures required to build complex and distributed web-based software applications. Topics that will be covered include web application architecture, web services, service composition, communication architectures and messaging patterns, and the use of cloud resources, microservices and serverless computing in developing web and cloud based software systems.

Person responsible

David Hästbacka


Implementation Period Person responsible Requirements
TIE-23526 2019-01 3 - 4 David Hästbacka
Accepted group project work, passed exam, and also acquiring in total half of all the points available from lecture exams, individual assignments, group project work and the exam.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the architecture of advanced web applications; how the browser can be used as an application platform, synchronous and asynchronous communication needs in distributed web based applications, design of web service interfaces, technologies for implementing service components and scalable functionality, information security considerations.


Course Mandatory/Advisable Description
TIE-23516 Basic Web Applications Advisable    

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Course Corresponds course  Description 
TIE-23526 Web Architectures, 5 cr TIE-23600 Service-Oriented Systems, 5 cr  

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