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- Upon completion of a doctorate in the field of computing or electrical engineering, doctoral graduates will:
- - be fully conversant with their own field of research and the related developments, basic problems and research methods and have the ability to generate new scientific knowledge independently and creatively
- understand the multidimensional nature of scientific knowledge
- adhere to the ethical principles or research and good research practice and promote open access to scientific knowledge
- have the knowledge and skills to independently develop, implement and lead collaborative activities and projects in multilingual and multicultural settings
- be familiar with research funding opportunities and have the ability to generate funding
- be well versed in the conventions of scientific discourse and communication and possess social interaction and networking skills that are required in different operating environments
- have the ability to enhance the societal impact of research
- be able to advance their careers across a broad range of employment sectors
- Students who pursue a postgraduate degree at the University shall comply with the guidelines set forth by the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity.



Opintokokonaisuus Opintopisteet
Electronics 25 op
Signaalinkäsittely (FT) 25 op
Electrical Engineering 25 op
Communications Engineering 25 op
Computing 25 op

The minimum scope of major studies (i.e. studies in the student's field of research) is 25 credits. Together with the general scientific studies the total extent of doctoral degree studies is min. 40 credits.

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The education leading to a postgraduate (doctoral) degree is planned and arranged in the faculty according to the respective fields of research.

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