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- After acquiring in-depth expertise in the field of their major subject in Materials Science and Engineering, doctoral graduates will:
- have an in-depth understanding of their own field of research and its social significance
- have an in-depth understanding of the theories, developments and basic problems pertaining to their own field of research
- be closely familiar with the theory of science and different schools of thought in their own field of research
- master the key methods in their own field of research


- The major subject of the doctoral degree is determined by the field of research in question. The major subject contents are always customised personally, but a general requirement is that the major subject studies must provide solid theoretical knowledge in the dissertation's field of research and form a coherent whole.
- Only postgraduate studies completed at a university may be counted toward the degree. The requirements that are applied to studies completed at the university also apply to studies completed outside university. Responsible supervisor has to support the application.

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