TRT-28036 Doctoral Course on Organization Theory, 5 cr

Toteutuskerta TRT-28036 2019-01


This doctoral course covers the fundamental aspects and approaches of organization theories, with specific application to issues in industrial and information management. This course will cover various approaches to organizations and organizing, inter-organizational relationships and the institutional contexts within which organizations operate. This course includes the major strands of organization theory, including traditional, modern and post-modern views to organizations, organizing and inter-organizational relationships.
The course is intended for doctoral students in industrial and information management, and it is open to doctoral students (with some background in industrial or information management) in other fields interested in organization theory. The course will be particularly useful for students who need to explore and decide upon the theoretical framing for their doctoral thesis and/or scientific papers.
The course includes an opening session with a test of the pre-requisite knowledge, three seminars (each including two afternoon sessions) based on students¿ readings, presentations and group discussions, a closing session, and an individual learning summary. The course language is English (except if all participants speak Finnish). The course will be implemented with a minimum of 8 students, and the maximum nr of participants is 15.


Periodi 3 - 4
Vastuuhenkilö Miia Martinsuo


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Passing the pre-test concerning the pre-requisite knowledge.
Active participation in opening and closing sessions and seminars, including three group presentations and activeness in discussions.
Delivering an individual learning summary.