ELT-45406 Radar and Professional Radio Communication Systems, 5 cr

Toteutuskerta ELT-45406 2019-01


The course presents an overview of various radio systems other than the ordinary wireless networks that are meant for the general public, including applications in radar, sensing, law enforcement, forensics, military, and professional communications. Specific focus is on radar, sensing and electronic warfare, and the associated operating principles and signal processing methods in such systems. We also cover basics of professional radio communications, with applications e.g. in civillian authorities and military domain.

Periodi Ei toteuteta lukuvuonna 2019-2020.
Vastuuhenkilö Taneli Riihonen, Mikko Valkama


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


There is a final exam in the end of the course that is the only compulsory part required to pass. Active participation in lectures and exercise sessions as well as completing a final project work will certainly facilitate passing the course and gain activity points that render earning higher grade easier. Doctoral students are required to complete some extra, more demanding, tasks (e.g., teaching one lecture in Spring 2019) in addition to what is required from M.Sc. students.

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The course will be held next time in Fall 2020 (academic year 2020-2021).