TTA-15126 Directed Study in Industrial Management, 2-8 cr

Toteutuskerta TTA-15126 2019-01


Literature review on the selected topic (Individual work).
Depending on the scope, you may earn 2...8 credit points. The process follows the following steps:

Start: suggest the topic (in the area of IM) with short justification to the relevant professor of the field (for supervisors, see the below list; also post-doc researchers may act as supervisors)
Planning: write the plan, including schedule (ca. 1-2 pages) and get acceptance from the supervisor
Execution: proceed according your plan and finish the work within 2...4 months
Reporting: depending the topic and other agreements, the report length is typically 15-30p

Contact person for all courses (general questions): Miia Martinsuo
Prof. Jussi Heikkilä: Production and operations management
Prof. Juho Kanniainen: Financial engineering
Prof. Miia Martinsuo: Management of projects and service business
Prof. Saku Mäkinen: Strategic technology and innovation management
Tuomas Ahola, Assistant prof.: Renewal of industrial operations in project networks
Leena Aarikka-Stenroos, Assoc. prof: Innovation ecosystems and entrepreneurship
Teemu J. Laine, Assoc. prof: Management accounting and performance management


Periodi 1 - 5
Opetusmuodot Monimuoto-opetus, Luento
Vastuuhenkilö Miia Martinsuo, Santeri Repo, Lauri Vuorinen


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Completing an individual literature assignment, to be specified with the instructor.

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