TTI-90006 Orientation to Doctoral Studies, 3 cr

Toteutuskerta TTI-90006 2019-02


Aimed to Doctoral Programme in Engineering Sciences (TTITO) students.


Periodi 1 - 4
Vastuuhenkilö Minnamari Vippola


Evaluation scale passed/failed will be used on the course


1. Lecture diary essays from two compulsory seminars and at least from two elective seminars.
2. Literature review
3. Research scheme

All requirements should be completed during one academic year.

The timetable has been updated to POP->Doctoral Studies->Studies->Orientation to Doctoral Studies



Lisätietoja toteutuksesta

In order to pass the course, the student must carry out three acceptable components within the given deadline: 1. lecture diary essays, 2. literature review, 3. a preliminary research plan.

Detailed instructions about completing each course requirement are linked under the "Materials" section of this page.

The student can attend the lectures at the university or view them online. More information and updated lecture times in POP > in English > Doctoral Studies > Studies > Orientation to doctoral studies