TST-90007 Orientation to Doctoral Studies, 5 cr


Students complete the course at their own pace keeping in mind, however, the deadline set by the doctoral programme for the completion of the course. The course enrolment is continuously open in the POP system. Students can sign-up and start the course anytime.
In the academic year 2019-2020, there will not be given any contact lectures but students can only view the recorded lectures from 2018-2019 behind the given link below.
The assignments i.e. the literature review and research scheme should be conducted in guidance of the supervisor and possible instructor of the dissertation work.

- The course instructions in English: https://poprock.tut.fi/documents/335734/861476/Instructions2019-tst90007+%281%29.pdf/e1ee7403-d319-6aa0-5ce4-a0f87ef301d0?t=1559898558657
- The course instructions in Finnish: https://poprock.tut.fi/documents/335734/861476/Suoritusohje2019-tst90007+%281%29.pdf/ceccd25d-fbe4-03e3-d1ae-8f35ddd043fd?t=1559898524113
- The seminar programme: https://poprock.tut.fi/documents/335734/861476/luentoaikataulu2019.pdf/21bb5aee-2629-1256-e915-010b1c87c068?t=1559898377328

The course is intended only for postgraduate (doctoral) students. The course is only intended for degree students
Suitable for postgraduate studies.


Susanna Ketola, Elina Orava


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TST-90007 2019-01 1 - 4 Elina Orava
In order to pass the course, the student must carry out three acceptable components within the given deadline:
1) lecture diary essays from two compulsory seminars and from two elective seminars, 2) approved literature review and 3) research scheme.

The lecture schedule will be updated later under the section "Course implementations". Previous lectures are available on POP at: POP > DOCTORAL STUDIES > Studies > Orientation to Doctoral Studies.

See the detailed course instructions about completing the course requirements from below under "Course implementations", attached documents > "Material" > files "Instructions to complete the course" and "Opintojakson suoritusohjeet".


This course is an introduction to conducting dissertation research and pursuing doctoral studies. After completing the course, doctoral students will know how to prepare research plans and literature reviews. They will be familiar with the steps towards a research career, the process of critical appraisal and the basic concepts of scientific philosophy and ethics. This is a general introductory course to all post-graduate students in the Doctoral Programme of Computing and Electrical Engineering.


Sisältö Ydinsisältö Täydentävä tietämys Erityistietämys
1. steps towards research career      
2. research plan and literature review of the research topic      
3. basics of scientific philosophy and ethics      


Tyyppi Nimi Tekijä ISBN URL Lisätiedot Tenttimateriaali
Summary of lectures   1a-Instructions to complete the course           No   
Summary of lectures   1b-Opintojakson suoritusohjeet           No   
Summary of lectures   2-The seminar programme/ Luennot           No   


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TST-90007 Orientation to Doctoral Studies, 5 cr TST-90006 Orientation to Doctoral Studies, 3 cr  

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