MOL-53247 Coatings and Surface Treatments, 5 cr


Suitable for postgraduate studies.


Petri Vuoristo


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MOL-53247 2019-01 1 - 2 Johanna Ruoranen
Petri Vuoristo
Exam from the given material, Proactical work.


The course forms a comprehensive background for understanding various manufacturing processes of engineering coatings and surface treatments, structure and properties of coatings, and their industrial use in technical applications. Having successfully completed this course, the student will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of: - Principles of coating deposition and surface modification methods - Fundamental coating properties and their relationship - Introduction to corrosion and wear protection, and various functionalities obtainable by coatings and surface treatments - Fundamentals of industrial application of coatings and surface treatments including capability to propose appropriate coating solutions for these - Pros and cons of different approaches in surface engineering.


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1. Introduction to surface engineering of materials.  Application requirements for surfaces.  Coating and surface treatment selection expertise. 
2. Coating and surface treatment processes, such as thermal surface hardening, thermochemical surface treatments, diffusion treatments, conversion coatings, thin film technologies, electrochemical and electroless deposition, processes for organic coatings, thermal spray technology, laser surface treatments and weld surfacing.   Equipment technology for coating and surface engineering processes.  Types and properties of precursors and feedstock materials for coating and surface treatment processes. 
3. Processing, structure, properties and performance relationships of coatings and surface treatments.  Structure and properties of material including metals, metallic alloys, cermets, ceramics, polymers and their composites. Properties of substrate materials and their suitability to different surface engineering processes.   Knowledge of selected engineering properties of advanced coatings and surface treatments and factors having effects on these. 
4. Coating evaluation and testing  Standards and test procedures for evalaution of properties and quality of coatings and surface treatments.  Specifications used for industrial applications. 
5. Industrial applications of coatings and surface treatments.  Conditions of various technical equipment and industrial processes.  Engineering properties of coatings and surface treatments, with special focus in wear, friction, corrosion, oxidation, electrical, magnetic and other functional properties. 


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MOL-53247 Coatings and Surface Treatments, 5 cr MOL-53246 Coatings and Surface Treatments, 6 cr  

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