BMT-86006 Health Technology and Life Science R&D, 5 cr

Toteutuskerta BMT-86006 2019-01


Health Technology and Life Science R&D is organized by SPARK Finland ( Finland is one of the leading health technology and life science countries per capita. Our clinical and scientific ecosystems are evaluated to be among the best in the world. This rapidly growing industry is rising continuously globally and offers career opportunities for professionals from different disciplines. The course offers students a basic overview of the health technology and life science development environment. The course contains prerecorded lectures and live discussions by experts from SPARK network having years of experience e.g. in product development, regulatory issues, IPR, design thinking, clinical trials. During the course students will participate the actual innovation projects in SPARK Finland and make work related solution development such as regulatory pathway analysis, preliminary freedom-to-operate analysis, IPR strategy planning, production planning, and product market fit analysis etc. Students will gain solid basis for R&D expertise in their later career either as entrepreneurs, in industry or in academia. Thus the course is highly recommended for all graduate and post-graduate students who interested in career related to health technology and life science.


Periodi 3 - 4
Vastuuhenkilö Juho Väisänen


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