ELT-46006 Introduction to Satellite Positioning, 5 cr


Mikko Valkama, Jari Nurmi


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ELT-46006 2019-01 2 Jari Nurmi
Tommi Paakki
Exercise works, exercises, and a written exam.


After completing the course, the student knows how to - describe the structure of satellite positioning system and explain the tasks of the segments - describe the structure of positioning signal and explain the properties of the signal components - describe the structure of a satellite navigation receiver and explain the tasks of the main functional blocks - classify the error sources of positioning measurements and estimate their effect on positioning accuracy - form a geometry matrix and use it to obtain position estimate - define the coordinate frames important in satellite positioning, transform coordinates between the systems


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1. Satellite positioning systems. Space, control and user segments.   GPS, modernization of GPS, GALILEO, Glonass. Inertial navigation. Integration of INS with satellite navigation. GPS modernization.  The development and history of satellite positioning systems. 
2. Coordinate systems and coordinate transformations.   Satellite constellation. Time reference. Relative frequency and time errors.  The development and history of coordinate systems and time references. 
3. Positioning measurements and error sources of them. Pseudorange. User's clock bias.  Modelling of the errors and methods for compensating the errors. DGPS.  Carrier phase measurement, Doppler measurement. 
4. Position and time estimation. Geometry matrix.   Dilution of precision, RMS error.  The effect of user clock bias on DOP. Estimation of velocity. 
5. Ranging signals: code and carrier signals, navigation message. Satellite navigation receivers.  New GPS signals, Galileo signals.  Glonass signals. 

Ohjeita opiskelijalle osaamisen tasojen saavuttamiseksi

Grading is based on the final exam. For grades 1-2 the core content is enough, for grades 3-4 substantial knowledge on the deeper topics is needed. For grade 5, most of the material of the course has to be mastered.


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Completion parts must belong to the same implementation


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Book   Global Positioning System: Signals, Measurements, and Performance,   Misra, P., and Enge, P.   0970954417     2nd ed.   Yes   
Lecture slides     Hanna Sairo         Yes   
Lecture slides     Hanna Sairo and Helena Leppäkoski         Yes   


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ELT-46006 Introduction to Satellite Positioning, 5 cr TKT-2536 Introduction to Satellite Positioning, 5 cr  

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