TTA-21017 Organisations and Leadership, 5 cr



Ilona Ilvonen


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TTA-21017 2019-01 3 Ilona Ilvonen
Toni Luomaranta
Accepted individual and group assignments and exam


After completing this course, we hope that students will be able to - describe basic organizational behavior and leadership theories and concepts and - apply them to understand human behavior in different kinds of organizations (work, home, etc.). We study these fields because they help us function more effectively in organizations. They teach us the skills to be an effective employee, team member, manager, or leader. In addition, the exercises and assignments are designed to facilitate self-learning and teamwork. Students should leave this course with a clearer understanding of the effect their behavior has on others. Students work in the same learning groups throughout the course. In these groups, members should - share their experiences and - provide support, advice, and feedback to each other.


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1. The basic organizational behavior theories and concepts   The application of theories in different kinds of organizations (work, home, etc.)    
2. The basic leadership theories and concepts      


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TTA-11017 Basics of Industrial Management Mandatory    


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TTA-21017 Organisations and Leadership, 5 cr TTA-21016 Organisations and Leadership, 4 cr  

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