DEE-24116 Distribution Automation, 5 cr


Sami Repo, Peyman Jafary


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DEE-24116 2019-01 4 Peyman Jafary
Sami Repo
Kalle Ruuth
Antti Supponen
Exam, Moodle assignments and laboratory works


After the course the student can define the objective of distribution network operation and the functions of distribution automation. In addition the student can explain the objectives and principles of relay protection in the case of distribution networks. He or she can also analyze the processes dealing with network operation and apply different automation solutions for them and analyze their benefits. He or she also has an idea on the development trends and ongoing research on the area of the course.


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1. Principles of distribution network operation. Structure and functions of distribution automation system.   History and future of network operation and technology development. Communication system. IT-architecture and system integration.   
2. Principles of relay protection. The idea of using intelligent electronic device (IED) as protection relay and key element in distribution automation system.  History of protection relay technology.   
3. Network monitoring: AMR/AMI, substation monitoring, sensors, RTU  State estimation and pseudo measurements (load profiles)   
4. Fault management: Field automation for medium voltage fault location, isolation and supply restoration, Switching components, Protection solutions     
5. Outages. Analyzing the benefits of distribution automation. Relibility theory.     
6. Operations planning and optimization. Switching, voltage control and overloading management.  Integration of DER into DA, IoT and Big data   


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Book   Power distribution automation   Das, Biswarup   978-1-84919-828-8     Selected chapters   Yes   
Lecture slides     Sami Repo         Yes   
Other literature           Selection of articles and reports.   Yes   


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DEE-23010 Sähköverkkotekniikka Advisable   1
DEE-23216 Introduction to Smart Grids and Renewable Energy Advisable   1

1 . For int. students DEE-23216 Suom. kiel. DEE-23010


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DEE-24116 Distribution Automation, 5 cr SVT-3431 Distribution Automation, 5 cr  
DEE-24116 Distribution Automation, 5 cr SET-6356 Distribution Automation, 5 cr  

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