RAK-13007 Individual Research Work in Civil Engineering, 2-5 cr


The topic and learning material will be determined individually.
The topic should be chosen so that the student has adequate basic knowledge of the subject (and English language) based on his/her previous studies to be able to proceed quite independently.
When you have chosen the topic area of your work, please contact the following teachers:
Structural Engineering: Olli Kerokoski (olli.kerokoski@tuni.fi),
Earth and Foundation Structures: Minna Leppänen (minna.leppanen@tuni.fi),
Construction Management and Economics: Jussi Savolainen (jussi.savolainen@tuni.fi).

After the topic and the objectives of the work are determined with the supervisor, the student should find literature and other information about the subject and write a detailed research plan consisting of a short introduction, presentation of goals and limitations, an draft of the table of contents, a short overview on material available and possible references, and research methods. The research plan is presented to the supervisor and after it is accepted the work can continue.
For passing the course a written research report in English is required. When the outline of the report is ready, it should be sent to the supervisor for comments, and after possible corrections and additions the final report is written and submitted to evaluation.
After that a date for an oral presentation is set. An oral presentation to a small group of researchers is arranged, where the work will be discussed and evaluated.


Olli Kerokoski


Toteutuskerta Periodi Vastuuhenkilö Suoritusvaatimukset
RAK-13007 2019-01 1 - 4 Olli Kerokoski
Approved individual research work. Presentation of research findings and conclusions.


The student can find scientific knowledge and write a report in English on a subject given by a lecturer or a professor.


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RAK-13007 Individual Research Work in Civil Engineering, 2-5 cr RAK-13006 Individual Research Work in Civil Engineering, 3-8 cr  

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