TIE-23536 Cloud Applications, 5 cr


According to current plan the first normal implementation of this course is in Fall 2019. Before that, In Spring 2019, we will run a seminar course to prepare the actual course.
Suitable for postgraduate studies.


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TIE-23536 2019-01 1 - 2 Kari Systä
Passed exam, on-line exercise, and accepted project assignment(s). Assessment of all these components will affect the grade.


Student learn principle of moderns cloud-based and dynamically deployed applications,


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1. Basics of different virtualisation techniques (e.g can build and set-up docker containers)  Knowledge and skill to implement scalability and elasticity in cloud environments.   
2. Principles of Continuous Delivery and Deployment  Build and optimisation continuous deployment pipeline  Software engineering and business aspects of Continuous Deployment 
3. Understanding of what DevOps is  Can efficiently work in DevOps projects,  Can apply DevOps in different organisational and business contexts. 
4. Understands the software architecture implications of cloud environments and DevOps.  Knows the well-known cloud-native platforms and commercial options.  Can select the best-fitting architecture for the application and business case. 


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TIE-23526 Web Architectures Mandatory    


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