TIE-13106 Project Work on Pervasive Systems, 5-10 cr


During the first period there may be more weekly lecture hours, in half-day seminar style. Such way the essential information will be delivered to project groups early enough.


Tero Ahtee, Harri Sten, Valentina Lenarduzzi, Kari Systä


Toteutuskerta Periodi Vastuuhenkilö Suoritusvaatimukset
TIE-13106 2019-01 1 - 3 Tero Ahtee
Valentina Lenarduzzi


Implementation of a software project. Planning, tracking and executing of a project of several people, made to some customer. Professional contribution of own technical skills to the project. Controlled process of project work with quality activities. Teamwork with different roles. Technical documentation and reporting.

Ohjeita opiskelijalle osaamisen tasojen saavuttamiseksi

Active participation to forming group, and groupwork. Active participation to project on student's own agreed role. Student has been active on innovating and finding solutions. Active participation to processes, tools usage, and product development. Active participation to lectures.


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Opintojakso P/S Selite
TIE-21107 Software Engineering Methodologies Mandatory   1
TIE-41106 User Interface Design Advisable   1
TIE-20106 Data Structures and Algorithms Advisable    
TST-01606 Demola Project Work Advisable    

1 . Mandatory prerequisity depends on major subject. Software engineering students need TIE-21106 Software engineering methodology. UX students needs TIE-41106 User Interface Design. Each major will set their own requirements. Students need to be on later half of master-level studies to attend.


Opintojakso Vastaa opintojaksoa  Selite 
TIE-13106 Project Work on Pervasive Systems, 5-10 cr TIE-13100 Project Work on Pervasive Systems, 5-10 cr  
TIE-13106 Project Work on Pervasive Systems, 5-10 cr IHTE-3906 Usability in Software Engineering Project, 4 cr +
OHJ-3506 Software Engineering Project, 6-10 cr +
TKT-2527 Project Work, 6-10 cr

Päivittäjä: Kunnari Jaana, 05.03.2019