TIE-11206 Special Topics on Pervasive Computing, 1-5 cr


Timo Hämäläinen, Arto Perttula, Kari Systä


Toteutuskerta Periodi Vastuuhenkilö Suoritusvaatimukset
TIE-11206 2019-01 1 - 4 Timo D. Hämäläinen
Hannu-Matti Järvinen
TIE-11206 2019-02 2 Arto Oinonen
Arto Perttula
TIE-11206 2019-04 2 Arto Oinonen
Participation to the lectures and accepted lab exercises
TIE-11206 2019-03 3 Oguz Buruk
Juho Hamari
Participation in three workshops (2 credits), preparation of a design diary (1 credit). Every student is required to participate 3 full-day (10:00-17:00) workshops. First one is selected from 3 possible days that have different themes (see list below of themes and dates). Second and the third one (Jan 23,24) is common to all students of the course. Students will be allocated to workshops by teachers according to their gaming habits, interests, backgrounds.

13 January 2020: Bioadaptive Game Design for Extended Reality with Wearables
15 January 2020: Social Interaction in Extended Reality Games through Wearables
17 January 2020: Costumes as Extended Reality Game Controllers
23 January 2020: Synthesis Workshop (All students will participate in the Synthesis Workshop)
24 January 2020: Fusion Workshop (All students will participate in the Fusion Workshop
TIE-11206 2019-05 4 Arto Oinonen
Antti Rautakoura


Learning outcomes are derected by the current topic. Some theoretical or practical topics on the area of Department of Pervasive are studied.


Opintojakso Vastaa opintojaksoa  Selite 
TIE-11206 Special Topics on Pervasive Computing, 1-5 cr IHTE-1850 Special Topics in Human-Centered Technology, 2-5 cr +
OHJ-1851 Special Topics in Software Systems, 1-5 cr

Päivittäjä: Torikka Mari, 16.10.2019